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8 Powerful Ways To Increase Your Income Property ROI

One of the worst feelings most beginner real estate investors get is that feeling when they start to doubt the projections they made. It happened to me, and I’m sure from talking to others that I am not alone.

Starting With The End In Mind – Goals

One of Covey's principles is beginning with the end in mind. If you look around you, how many people are simply floating through life not taking action towards any sort of vision or goal? 

Go Big 002: Escape Your W2 with Paul Thompson

Do you feel trapped in your W2? Today’s guest shares his story of escaping corporate America, being laid off, finding financial freedom through real estate, and much more! Paul is an author, investor, and entrepreneur focused on growing his real estate portfolio and helping others achieve financial freedom. In his first 18 months of investing, Paul acquired over 18 investment properties! Find out how he did it and what tools/resources you can use to apply his lessons in your life.

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