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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I Do all of this on my own?

Absolutely you can! If that’s a goal of yours, we can invest time in knowledge transfer and teach you the ropes! Ultimately, we believe it’s more valuable for your business to focus on your core business and leave the tech stuff to us.

What makes you different?

My background as an Army Officer has blessed me with a sharpened sense of discernment, communication, and mission focus. I despise those who seem to only talk about why something can’t be doneI choose to bring solutions.

I can't afford to pay a consultant, what can I do?

We believe that when two parties are mutually invested towards achieving a specific outcome, magic happens! For those who don’t feel comfortable committing, there’s absolutely many free resources available on the web today geared to the DIY approach. 

What if we don't work well together?

I do my best avoid this problem from the start. If you are willing to pay, but we aren’t a good fit, I will politely decline and make recommendations as appropriate.

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