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We use a combination of technological acumen and military experience to serve as your problem solver in the ever-changing world of new technology.


We Can Do It All

Our product offerings are intentionally dynamic. We pride ourselves on being relentless problem solvers. As your needs, technology, or both change, we will adapt as needed. We’ve got your back.


Options for staying connected grow every second. We provide custom cloud solutions for anything from calls to SMS messages. 


Capture the everyday activities inside your business and turn it into actionable data you can use to edge out the competition and make informed decisions.

Business Process Automation

The internet is full of ways to spend your hard earned dollars. We will identify the repetitive processes in your business that can be automated and standardized. 

Software solutions

Don’t know what you need, but you know you need something? We will advise, assist, and implement new technology that’s right for your  business.


Sometimes it takes a trusted 3rd party to provide clarity. We will develop action plans born from thoughtful discussion.


Try The Locke Approach

Research & Analysis

First we will conduct a series of meetings designed to gather information and learn about your specific goals and requirements.


Roadmap planning

Now that we know exactly where you are, we will determine exactly where you want to be and develop a comprehensive plan that will take you there.

Execute & Monitor

A plan without action is a dream. We will implement the action plans we developed together, continue to support your business by taking ownership of our scope of work, and providing recommendations.


Trusted by Top Companies Around the World

From Our Founder


Dedication to duty is in my blood and extends to every part of my life. As a valued client, I guarantee, with every ounce of integrity imaginable, that you will be treated well and your business will benefit from a deep commitment to excellence. Success is measured in client satisfaction, not dollars.


Pricing Models For Every Situation

The best relationships exist where both sides are fully committed. If you are serious about your project, we will design a custom package to meet your needs.

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